Featuring Chef Calvin Roberson of Stockpot Cuisine
Saturday May 2nd
5:00 pm CST via ZOOM
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Saturday May 2nd
5:00 pm CST via ZOOM
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Mealtime in the Middle East is viewed as an opportunity to enjoy good food and good company, with lunch and dinner being the most popular times to socialize with family and friends. While we continue to shelter in place, we want to continue to socialize with you so we are excited to host our third virtual dining experience as we taste our way through the Middle East.

Taking on this virtual tasting journey is the talented Chef Calvin Roberson who was born and bred in Chicago and developed a passion for cooking early in life while cooking at the elbow of his grandmother.

After graduating from culinary school, he joined the Bespoke Cuisine team as a chef in downtown Chicago and worked his way up the ladder to become Chef de Cuisinenot long after he landed the Executive Chef position at the Columbia Yacht Club.

He knew his calling was that of a personal chef, so he started that path before moving to Dubai. There, he cooked for clients throughout the Middle East and was also able to travel extensively to Northern Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, Europe & Asia learning about the various cuisines and bringing creative, customized options to clients, in their homes and workplace.

After returning to the states he launched Stockpot Cuisine, a bespoke personal chef service located in Detroit. Stockpot Cuisine provides services including private parties, cooking parties, meal delivery & consulting.

Chef Calvin created a delicious 5-course Middle Eastern menu for our Crew to indulge along with easy to follow recipes. Some dishes can be substituted with store bought prepared items so feel free to cook or not cook what you want and just enjoy the experience. Recipes and menu are available below.

Please download and print recipes here.

Please download and print the LDC menu here.








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