Little Diner’s Crew is a dining club for kids between the ages of 4-12. We expand kids palates beyond mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers. Each month LDC hosts a unique dining experience at a different restaurant that allow kids to travel the world through food. Kids interact with chefs, taste different cuisines, rate each dish, learn how food is prepared, and appropriate dining etiquette.

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“Little Diner’s Crew has been a gamechanger for our family.”

Sarah Ripmaster Johnson

Teen Diner’s Crew is for those foodies and non-foodies between 13-18. 

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Exploring Vietnamese Flavors at HaiSous

Featuring Chef Thai Dang & Danielle Dang

Sunday, May 19th, 4 pm – 6 pm

HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen

1800 S. Carpentern Street, Chicago, IL


Registration Closes May 17th

We’re off again taking our tastebuds to a different country. This month our Crew will explore Southeast Asia and the flavors of Vietnam at one of Chicago’s nationally acclaimed restaurants.

Husband and wife team Chef Thai and Danielle Dang showcase the flavors and depth of Vietnam at their HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen in Pilsen, the Heart of Chicago.

They set out to change how people feel about Vietnamese cuisine by showcasing flavors and cuisine that people have never had and don’t expect in an atmosphere that is chic, approachable, warm & inviting. HaiSous is “a true Vietnamese kitchen preserving heritage through food.” Join our Crew for this incredible experience.

Summer Events Coming Soon

Our Crew recently enjoyed a whimisical food experience courtesy of Chfe Richie Farina at Adorn in the Four Seasons Hotel. The tasting menu was creative and delicious providing an incredible afternoon for both kids and parents. 

Places We’ve Explored

Over 70 Different Restaurants and 20 Different Countries and Regions

Allow Your Kids to Travel the World Through Food

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