Little Diner’s Crew is a dining club for kids between the ages of 4-12. We expand kids palates beyond mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers. Each month LDC hosts a unique dining experience at a different restaurant that allow kids to travel the world through food. Kids interact with chefs, taste different cuisines, rate each dish, learn how food is prepared, and appropriate dining etiquette.

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Sarah Ripmaster Johnson

Teen Diner’s Crew is for those foodies and non-foodies between 13-18. 

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Italian Holiday Supper at Gino & Marty’s

Sunday, December 10th, 4 pm – 6 pm

844 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL


It’s that time of year again and the best way to celebrate the holidays is through food. Our final dinner of the year will be an Italian feast at Gino & Marty’s located on Restaurant Row in the West Loop. This is one of our favorite new places to dine. The space is beautiful, the vibe is energetic, and the food is amazing. 

Chef Gino Bartucci created a special Little Diner’s Crew menu and he is extremely excited to share stories of his Italian family’s history, culture, and holiday celebrations with our Crew. 

Gino & Marty’s Italian is a narrative-driven Chicago Italian Restaurant that tells a local prohibition-era story with a modern luxury twist. Join us for an early Sunday Supper to kick off a festive December.

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