Expanding Kids Palates Beyond Mac-and-Cheese & Chicken Fingers

“Little Diner’s Crew has been a gamechanger for our family.”

Sarah Ripmaster Johnson

Little Diner’s Crew is a dining club for kids between the ages of 4-12. We expand kids palates beyond mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers. Each month LDC hosts a unique dining experience at a different restaurant that allow kids to travel the world through food. Kids interact with chefs, taste different cuisines, rate each dish, learn how food is prepared, and appropriate dining etiquette.

Teen Diner’s Crew is for those foodies and non-foodies between 13-18 years old. Teens will still Eat, Travel, and Explore the world through food, but this expereince will embrace their independence and digital savviness.

What’s Different?

  • Drop Off, Dine, and Dash (Parent attendance is optional)
  • Digital Dish Ratings Menu
  • Digital Culinary Passport
  • Annual Membership Only

Membership Pricing

“A great way for kids to learn and taste different foods in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Highly recommend joining and exploring Chicago with Little Diner’s Crew.”

— Holly Nakfoor Kholi

LDC is the place to be! Absolutely brilliant!

— Tiffany Raim


Taste of the Antilles at Stella’s Caribbean

Saturday, October 7th, 1 pm – 3 pm

321 9th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11215


Registration Closes, October 5th

Little Diner’s Crew Brooklyn has arrived! We’re excited to eat, travel, and explore the world through food in New York. Our first stop is the Antilles as we explore Caribbean cuisine at Stella’s. Expect to experience an invasion of island spice you never knew you needed and soon won’t fathom living without. Stella’s offers flavor inspired by the vibrant, robust, and authentic culinary traditions of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, twisted with some modern chic. They use the best ingredients, prepare all meals with love, and elevate dishes from mama’s kitchen to New York’s bistro. Kids will dine at their own table and enjoy a multi-course tasting experience. Parents will indulge in 7-courses of Caribbean dishes at the adult table. This will be an authentic first-time experience that kids won’t soon forget. Grab your Crew and join us for a history making launch of LDC in Brooklyn.


Contemporary Italian at UMMO


22. West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 69654


Registration closes September 22nd

Members Will Earn 15 Crew Loyalty Points 

Our Crew loves Italian cuisine and we’re excited to introduce you to newest and hottest contemporary Italian restaurant in Chicago. UMMO is helmed by renowned Chef/Partner José Sosa who unlocks the vibrant flavors of regional Italian cuisine that seamlessly combines his passion for Italian and American cultures. With a focus on simplicity and quality ingredients sourced from around the globe, UMMO offers fine, house-made pastas, decadent cheese and meat selections, vibrant vegetables, hearty proteins, delicate seafood, and more.

Chef Jose Sosa is known for his expertise in contemporary Italian cuisine. His passion for culinary arts and dedication to sourcing quality ingredients have made him a respected figure in the industry. Join our Crew for our first fall event of the year at UMMO.

Places We’ve Explored

Over 60 Different Restaurants and 20 Different Countries and Regions

Allow Your Kids to Travel the World Through Food

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