Little Diner’s Crew is a dining club for kids between the ages of 4-12. We expand kids palates beyond mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers. Each month LDC hosts a unique dining experience at a different restaurant that allow kids to travel the world through food. Kids interact with chefs, taste different cuisines, rate each dish, learn how food is prepared, and appropriate dining etiquette.

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“Little Diner’s Crew has been a gamechanger for our family.”

Sarah Ripmaster Johnson

Teen Diner’s Crew is for those foodies and non-foodies between 13-18. 

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  • Drop Off, Dine, and Dash (Parent attendance not required)
  • Digital Dish Ratings Menu
  • No Membership Required

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Globally Inspired Cuisine at Machine

Sunday, June 23rd, 5 pm – 7 pm

Machine: Engineered Dining & Drink

1846 W. Division Street, Chicago, IL


Registration Closes July 21st

We’re celebrating the start of summer with an incredible dining experience at one of Chicago’s most inspiring restaurants. Machine serves a globally-inspired, modern-American menu with innovative craft mocktails and cocktails and boasts an on-site flower shop. This unique combination creates an approachable neighborhood concept in the heart of Wicker Park.

Every meal, cocktail, bouquet & menu has been thoughtfully engineered for a new dining & drinking experience. Machine is all about people, service, and innovation. Join our Crew for what will be a truly delicious and creative dining experience for both kids and parents.

We’ve Partnered with Gaijin for Saturday/Sunday Supper

We’re SUPPER excited to partner with Gaijin for a weekly dining expereince for kids.

Every Saturday and Sunday kids will enjoy a special prix fixe $15 LDC curated menu that will allow them to explore new foods and rate the dishes they try.

Once a month, Gaijin will host a full immersive LDC dining experience for both kids and parents.

Details on Saturday/Sunday Supper are at Resy or GaijinChicago.com.

Gaijin is located at 950 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607

Places We’ve Explored

Over 70 Different Restaurants and 20 Different Countries and Regions

Allow Your Kids to Travel the World Through Food

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