What are Crew Loyalty Points?

Crew Loyalty Points are exclusive to our members and our way to reward you for just being a member. Points are easily earned and are redeemable for $25 off our hosted events.

How are Crew Loyalty Points Earned?

Crew Loyalty Points are earned by simply maintaining your annual or monthly membership, registering for hosted events, or participating in a virtual experience. Each membership level, event or experience is assigned a number of points that are automatically deposited into a member’s account each month once the transaction is completed.

How do I redeem my Crew Loyalty Points?

Login into your member account to view your Crew Loyalty Points balance. Once you’ve earned 50 points you are eligible to redeem. During checkout, simply click “Apply Discount” to add the loyalty points and receive a $25 discount towards the hosted event. Only 50 Crew Loyalty Points can be applied at a time towards a hosted event.

Can my Crew Loyalty Points be used with another discount code?

No, Crew Loyalty Points cannot be used with any other discount codes or coupons for a hosted event.

Do I have to redeem my Crew Loyalty Points once my balance reaches 50?

No, you can continue to accumulate Crew Loyalty Points, but can only redeem 50 points at a time.

Do I have to be a member to earn and use Crew Loyalty Points?

Yes, you have to be an active member to earn and use Crew Loyalty Points. If your membership is canceled at any time, then your point balance will be depleted.

Can I transfer Crew Loyalty Points to other members or non-members?

No, your Crew Loyalty Points are non transferable to other members and non-members.

What are the Crew Loyalty Point values earned each month for each membership level?

EAT (Annual) – 30 Crew Points per annum upon registration or renewal

EXPLORE ALL ACCESS – 10 Crew Points per month for maintaining an active membership

FAMILY – 20 Crew Points per month for maintaining an active membership

These points are automatically deposited into your account once the transaction is completed

I have more than one child under my account. Do I receive Crew Loyalty Points for each registered member?

Yes, Crew Loyalty Points will be applied to your account for each family member based on their membership level. The more members you have the faster your points will accrue.

What are the Crew Loyalty Point values for hosted and virtual events?

Crew Loyalty Points for hosted and virtual events vary depending on the event and will be clearly specified during the registration process.

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