Little Diners Crew (LDC) is a dining club for kids aged 4-12 and Teens 13-18. Our goal is threefold:

Expand kids palates beyond mac and cheese and chicken fingers by providing kids an opportunity to try new foods from around the world at different restaurants.

Allow kids to meet chefs, learn how food is prepared, and where ingredients are sourced. 

Empower kids during their dining experience by allowing them to rate each dish, ask questions and expand their culinary journey.  

How It All Began

D.C. and Alayna Crenshaw both enjoy eating great food and finding unique dining experiences. D.C.’s passion for finding great restaurants started as a pharmaceutical rep in the mid 90’s. He was able to connect with customers over lunch and dinner at some of the best eateries and then found himself introducing those hot spots to friends. His passion turned into a side business after moving to Chicago when he started a dining club called Fete. Fete introduced people to the newest and best restaurants in the city and the response was incredible. His success eventually led him to become a food personality where he created, produced and hosted his own TV show called Game Time Dine. Game Time Dine allowed fans to see their favorite athletes cook in the kitchen with notable chefs in various Chicago restaurants. D.C. also made appearances on Food Network as a judge on “Guy’s Grocery Games” and as a food expert on Cooking Channel’s “America’s Best Bites”.

Alayna has a background in fashion and design. She’s always worked in luxury retail, starting in Beverly Hills, then moving on to Las Vegas and Chicago. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, she experienced a different culture and lifestyle than her small town husband. At a very young age she was fortunate to be exposed to food from all over the world in Vancouver and in traveling to places such as France, Japan, Great Britain, Mexico and various Caribbean Islands. It was that exposure that piqued her interest in different foods and created a lifelong passion for experiencing new cuisine.

Since the day they met, D.C. and Alayna have combined their passions. Their love of different types of food has enabled them to dine at some unique restaurants over the years. After having 2 kids they tired very quickly of the standard children’s menu offered – chicken tenders, hamburgers/hot dogs, cheese pizza, pbj sandwiches and mac and cheese. They have since exposed their boys to different types of foods, trying to expand their palates. Wanting to create a special experience for other families, Little Diners Crew was conceived as a way to bring like families together to share new food experiences. Kids will not only have fun, but also learn about where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. We invite you to join us on our journey to

Eat. Travel. Explore.

Bon Appetit!

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