The British School at Adalina, March 3rd, 4-6pm




First Course – Bread Service (Quattro Formaggi Garlic Stuffed Bread)


Second Course – Pureed Potato & Leek Soup (Fried Potato Strings, Caviar Drop)


Third Course – Chicken & Dumplings Gnocchi w Braised Chicken Thigh, Grilled Cabbage, Beurre Monte

OR CAPPELLETI (Stuffed Cacio E Pepe)


Fourth Course – Braised Short Rib (Potato Puree, Glazed and Candied Carrots, Demi Glaze)


Fifth Course – Ice Cream Sandwich (Hazelnut Cookie, Vanilla Gelato, Homemade Nutella)


ADULT MENU – Same as kids except dessert is Tiramisu

Includes 1 complimentary adult beverage

*List any allergies when registering

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