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FireFin Poké Shop
1415 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622
(872) 315-2927
Hawaiian Cuisine

Saturday June 10th 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Registration closes Friday June 9th at 12 pm.

Get ready to cook alongside Chef Rodelio Aglibot at FireFin Poké Shop and explore the tastes of Hawaiian cuisine! Never heard of Poké? Poké (pronounced po-kay) is a Hawaiian style, soy-based, marinated seafood salad. Poké means “to cut or dice.” Little Diner’s Crew is excited to introduce kids to this fresh, nutritious, yet delicious Hawaiian fare. FireFin’s poké bowls consist of fresh-cut proteins, topped with healthy ingredients and all poké is gluten-free.

Kids will be hands on creating and tasting 3 types of poké with Chef Aglibot consisting of 2 sauces, vegetables, chicken (cooked), tuna, salmon, or tofu (for vegetarians). Parents will be able to relax, create and enjoy their own poké bowls while enjoying champagne cocktails Hawaiian style. The kids “Crew” will wash down their poké bowls with fresh aqua frescas and juices.
Chef Rodelio Aglibot opened FireFin Poké Shop in order to spread Aloha (meaning peace, compassion and love) and share his

Hawaiian roots with the mainland – starting with Chicago. Growing up in Hawaii, Rodelio was taught to respect the earth and the ocean, which is why FireFin uses sustainable and eco-friendly products and proteins.

Limited to 20 kids
Attire: Casual

Tasting Menu:

Create your own poké bowl (3 types)

Chicken (cooked)

Drinks for Kids

Aqua frescas and juices

Adult Drinks

Champagne Cocktails


$25.00 for LDC Members (log into your account to register)
$28.00 for non-members
$35 for adults
Includes tax and gratuity

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