Intro to New Flavors at Bosq Aspen

312 South Mill Street, Aspen, CO, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



SNACKS – street zucchini or smoked salmon crackers (black chili, summer pea, flowers)

APPETIZER – blackberry & beet (pistachios, pollen, lemon verbena) or tuscan summer melon & wild watercress ( shiso, sunflowers seeds, verjus) or warm summer tomatoes & summer corn (brown butter, dill)

ENTRÉE – halibut (swiss chard, green tomato, citrus kosho, lovage) or beef tenderloin (wild watercress, hazelnut miso, local porcini mushrooms) or peking duck (cucumbers, leeks, pancakes, hoisin)


*Includes one complimentary adult beverage

*List any allergies when registering

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