LDC will feature different restaurants each month throughout the city that will curate a dining experience for kids.
Each menu is specially designed for kids, but adults will be able to indulge as well.
LDC focuses on selecting a diverse lineup of restaurants that will allow members to explore many cuisine options each month.

Participants can dine at any LDC featured restaurant as long as seating is available.


  • Parents sign their kids up to become an annual LDC member via our online registration.
  • Please include any allergies and/or dietary restrictions for your child when registering.
  • Kids will automatically receive an email welcoming them to LDC.
  • Annual memberships will automatically renew unless canceled prior to expiration date.
  • A welcome kit will be mailed to all newly registered members.
  • The welcome kit will include a passport that kids will have stamped at the end of an LDC event.
  • Our goal is to allow kids to have fun filling up their passports while trying new foods from around the world.
  • One Crew Member – $65
  • Two or More Crew Members – $55/per child


  • To register for a LDC event simply select the restaurant(s) populated on our homepage that you want to attend.
  • There will be a description of each event along with dates, time, menu and number of available seats for each experience.
  • Participants will be able to register for any event during the event registration period.
  • Once registration closes or an event sells out there will be a waiting list. If another member cancels the next member on the wait list will be contacted.
  • Payment in full is expected at the time of reservation. No refunds will be issued upon cancellation.
  • A credit towards another LDC event will be provided.


  • LDC events will start and end promptly. Times will vary and depend on the restaurant.
  • Upon arrival, members will show their passports and check-in with a LDC representative.
  • Each event will feature a curated experience for LDC members and their parents.
  • The dining experience will either include the chef, GM, or owner discussing different aspects of the restaurant’s history, menu and cuisine.
  • LDC events will feature the same menu for both kids and adults, but portion sizes will be different.
  • Alcoholic beverages may or may not be included in the cost of the experience for adults, but could be available for purchase.


  • LDC expects their members to act appropriately and behave responsibly during an event.
  • We ask all members and their parents to wear attire that is appropriate for the dining experience that you will attend.
  • We will try our best to provide details surrounding each event so that you can plan accordingly.

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